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Compliance with EEOC Policies and Enforcement Guidelines for Temporary Employees

Bordwell & Associates shares employer responsibilities with clients 

Bordwell & Associates qualifies as an employer because we recruit, screen and hire individuals who are placed in temporary jobs at client work sites.  We set and pay the wages when the worker is placed on a job assignment, withhold taxes and social security, and provide workers' compensation coverage.  In addition, we have the right to discharge the worker.   

As our client, you also qualify as an employer because you have significant supervisory control over the worker, supply the work space, equipment and supplies and have the right to control the details of the work performed, make or change assignments and to terminate the employee.

Discrimination Laws

Bordwell & Associates' recruiters protect against discrimination on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy or marital status.  Our recruiters are thoroughly trained on the application of federal and state discrimination laws.

Authorized workers

Bordwell & Associates verifies both identity and eligibility of candidates and temporary employees using Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9.


  • Bordwell & Associates administers, on behalf of its clients, only those tests that do not have an adverse impact on a protected class, are job-related for the position in question and consistent with business necessity.  All skill tests are in compliance with federal testing guidelines. 

  • Skill tests are designed to measure skills needed and used on the job.  Legal spelling, grammar, proofreading, vocabulary, litigation, calendaring, citation, typing and accounting tests are available.  

  • Test groups of legal secretaries, paralegals, attorneys and support staff are used to evaluate tests to ensure that tests do not eliminate any particular class.   

  • Test administrators are recruiters who have been trained to test and evaluate the results.  Tests are continually reviewed and revised to keep them current and to verify their validity and reliability. 

  • Tests are used to assess the candidate's skill level.  Test administrators take into consideration the background of the candidate and the types of questions missed.  For example:

    • The fact that a legal secretary is from another state is taken into consideration when reviewing the legal calendaring test.

    • A recently graduated paralegal is not expected to score as high as a paralegal with five years of experience.

    • Questions missed on the grammar test are viewed to see if errors apply to the same grammar rule.

  • Tests are graded and reviewed with each candidate.  Corrected answers are explained and suggestions to improve skills are discussed.  Candidates can return and retest, if needed.

  • Tests are used to identify a candidate's experience level, (i.e., trainee, experienced or advanced) and alert the candidate to strengths and weaknesses in the areas tested.


Skill testing is only one way to measure a candidate's ability to do the job.


Job Assignments and Job Referrals

Bordwell & Associates makes job assignments and job referrals in a non-discriminatory manner.  We accept only those job orders that set qualifications for education and experience that are essential to job performance, have no adverse impact on a protected class and are consistent with business necessity.

discrimination on the job

Bordwell & Associates requires its clients to prohibit all forms of illegal harassment by managers, fellow employees, employees of outside contractors and visitors.  This includes any demeaning, insulting, embarrassing, or intimidating behavior directed at any employee because of sex, race, age, national origin, religion or disability.  You are liable for any illegal harassment that occurs on your premises or during working hours. 

discrimination in payment of wages

Male and female temporary employees receive the same wages for work in jobs that require equal skill, effort and responsibility and are performed under similar working conditions.  

Record Keeping

All job application forms, test papers, advertisements or notices relating to job openings or job descriptions furnished to Bordwell & Associates are kept on file for four years from the date a record is made or an employment action is taken.

Violation of Guidelines

As a client, you are obligated to treat workers assigned to you in a nondiscriminatory manner. If you fail to fulfill this obligation, and Bordwell & Associates knows of the discrimination, the law requires that we take corrective action within our control.

Corrective measures may include, but are not limited to: 

  • ensuring that you are aware of the alleged misconduct;

  • asserting our commitment to protect our workers from unlawful harassment and other forms of prohibited discrimination; 

  • insisting that prompt investigative and corrective measures be undertaken; 

  • affording the worker an opportunity, if he or she so desires, to take a different job assignment at the same rate of pay. 

Bordwell & Associates will not assign other workers to an offending work site unless necessary corrective and preventive measures have been undertaken to ensure that the discrimination will not recur.


Bordwell & Associates


Available 24 hours a day

Bordwell & Associates will investigate all reported incidents of harassment or retaliation and take appropriate action.



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