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A law firm's true value to its clients is the knowledge and skill of its entire staff. Bordwell & Associates proudly represents the best of every segment of the legal profession:

  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals and Legal Assistants
  • Legal Secretaries
  • Administrative Managers
  • Legal Support Staff
  • In-house Legal Personnel

Bordwell & Associates' candidates are successful

Bordwell & Associates is committed to excellence in the legal profession. Candidates arrive at interviews prepared to demonstrate that they have the skills, experience, and enthusiasm to do the job.

Experienced recruiters have access to an incredible amount of information. Our close relationships with clients and candidates allow us to have a wide view of the entire legal playing field.  We know current trends, salary schedules, who's hot, who's not, who's hiring and who's struggling to stay afloat. It is not unusual for our recruiters to receive job search assignments several months before the actual openings are announced.

Explore your options

You have talent, skills, and enthusiasm.  Ask yourself, "Where am I now and where am I going?  Am I the best I can be?" What are your options?  New firms, new opportunities, and new lifestyles are changing the legal and corporate landscape.   Direct Hire, Temporary and Temp-to-Hire positions are available.  Give us a call and let's talk about your future.

Looking for a job? - We recruit for major law firms, small and mid-sized firms, sole practitioners and the legal departments of new and established corporations.

Want to join the Bordwell Temp Team? - You'll have exciting assignments with the friendliest firms in town.

Interested in working for a corporation? - Candidates with transactional, compliance, securities, intellectual property, litigation, and employment law experience are in demand in corporate legal departments.

Are you a paralegal? - You are the "hottest" commodity in town.  Check out our special California Paralegals web page!

Just moved to California? - Welcome to Orange County! We can help make your transition a smooth one.

Are you an entry-level candidate? - We're always happy to meet the newest members of the legal community.

Moving to another city? - We can help you find a job. Our recruiting partners are located throughout the United States.

Are you working with an office bully? - Educate and empower yourself.  Read our Workplace Bully page and get control of your situation.

Need advice? - Sometimes you just need to talk to a third party. Our recruiters are great listeners.

  • Is everyone making more money than me?
  • I'm not fitting in; what can I do?
  • I just graduated from law school; can a recruiter help me find a job?
  • I've been at my job eight years; is that too long?
  • My review is coming up; how do I negotiate a salary increase?
  • How do I explain that I just got fired?
  • I'm a new paralegal, ready to go? Now what?

Become visible

The world spins and extraordinary opportunities appear.  Position yourself to advance your career.  Do we know how to reach you?

Call us and start a conversation.  Our conversations are always confidential.


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