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Sometimes, as you navigate your legal career, you have a question or would like another person's point of view.  Call us and let's chat.  We are very supportive of legal professionals.  We get asked …

• Is everyone making more money than me?
• What should I do if I'm not fitting in?
• I am moving to another state. Can you help me find a job?
• I have been at my job for eight years; is that too long?
• My review is coming up; what should I do?
• How do I explain that I just got fired?
• I just passed the California bar exam.  Can you help me?
• I am a new paralegal, ready to go. Now what?
• The senior paralegal is not giving me substantial work; should I tell the partner?
• I made a huge error and I am scared; what should I do?
• My resume is three pages; is that too long?
• I have been asked to join attorneys leaving for a new firm; should I go?
• I have an offer and a counteroffer; what should I do?

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