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You have talent, skills, and enthusiasm. Ask yourself, "Where am I now, where have I been, and where am I going? Am I the best I can be?" What are your options? Give us a call and we will talk about your future.

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The world spins and extraordinary job opportunities appear. Do we know how to reach you? Position yourself to advance your career.  Call our office and talk with an experienced legal recruiter who is interesting in finding out about you and your career goals.

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As you navigate your legal career, you may have questions or desire another person's perspective. Call us and get your questions answered. We are frequently asked the following questions:

• Is everyone making more money than me?
• What should I do if I'm not fitting in?
• I am moving to another state. Can you help me find a job?
• I have been at my job for eight years; is that too long?
• My review is coming up; what should I do?
• How do I explain that I just got fired?
• I just passed the California bar exam.  Can you help me?
• I am a new paralegal, ready to go. Now what?
• The senior paralegal is not giving me substantial work; should I tell the partner?
• I made a huge error and I am scared; what should I do?
• My resume is three pages; is that too long?
• I have been asked to join attorneys leaving for a new firm; should I go?
• I have an offer and a counteroffer; what should I do?

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Bordwell & Associates
(949) 724-1466