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Search, Identify, and Hire
We make the process seamless

Bordwell & Associates recruits legal professionals for law firms and corporate legal departments in Orange County, California.
Law firm and corporate clients hire us to search for sharp, knowledgeable legal talent.  Candidates connect with us to discuss career plans and share thoughts on trends in the legal field.

Each Direct Hire, Temporary or Temp-to-Hire search is designed to attract exceptional talent.  We recruit:

  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals and Legal Assistants
  • Legal Secretaries
  • Administrative Managers
  • Legal Support Staff
  • In-house Legal Personnel

Bordwell & Associates' clients are the movers and shakers, rainmakers, the superstars - the legends of the legal community.
You know their names! They range from hard-working sole practitioners to well-known international law firms and corporations. They are legal gurus of intellectual property, technology, corporate, real estate, securities, and employment law. They are the leaders in bankruptcy, ERISA, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, banking, and finance law.

These successful clients use our services to:
• effectively compete with their most aggressive competitors
• build awareness and anticipation about their job opportunities
• access the most productive and energetic legal talent in town

How can a legal employer compete in this tight employment market?
Understand the changing marketplace and realign yourself to stay competitive. Don't cling to old ideas; open your mind to new solutions.  Benefit from a diversified workforce that employs people of different ages, races, genders, languages and cultural backgrounds.  Firms that adapt to a more inclusive environment are the most successful at acquiring and retaining the best legal talent.

How does Bordwell & Associates assist a law firm or corporate legal department?
We strive to be a valuable recruiting resource.  In addition to recruiting candidates, our legal recruiters are trained to evaluate organization structure, position profiles, and compensation packages.  We provide clients with the latest recruiting and retention information and offer objective feedback throughout the recruiting process.

How does Bordwell & Associates locate candidates?
We research, participate in legal events, answer hundreds of emails and phone calls, and sometimes advertise. But the most important resource is our extensive network of colleagues, clients and candidates who communicate with us on a regular basis. It is their referrals and references that lead us to the top legal talent.

We are looking to hire your services.  What do we do?
The process simple.  Give us a call. Tell us about your firm, the position, and the salary range that fits your budget.  Let us know if you have already started a search or if you are considering a current employee for the position.  We will answer any questions you might have and send you a one-page agreement for services.  Once the agreement is signed and returned, the search begins.

We listen, we learn, and we recruit.
It's how we maintain a talented and diverse pool of candidates and clients.

Bordwell & Associates
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